Monday, October 25, 2010

Showers, Weddings, and More Showers!!!

So I realized I have been really bad about doing this whole blogging thing, which sucks because I really do want to do it!! The problem is, the ONLY thing going on in the life of the Fleury's these days is bridal showers and weddings, so there really isn't a lot to report. (Seriously, I/ We have had something every single weekend since August!!) But it is all for something so wonderful and special.

So as most people know, my baby sister Kristen is getting married on 12/11/10 to Matthew Stokes. And even though pretty much everyone knows this already, I am the one that set them up on their first date!! (along with my dear friend and former co-worker Jill Vogt), so the fact that we are counting down to their BIG DAY is as much a big deal to me as it is for them.

Kristen and Matthew have had some beautiful showers from dear family friends on both sides pretty much every weekend so I wanted to share some pics from those showers, as well as the AWESOME bachelorette weekend I threw for her in Athens, GA this past weekend. We had SO much fun all weekend, but the highlight (in my opinion at least) was Saturday night when we reserved a private room for a couple hours at a Japanese restaurant called Shokitini and had our own private karaoke party.

I also attended the wedding of my cousin Drew to his new bride Kristin last weekend and could not be happier for this beautiful couple!! I have never seen a more loving, beautiful, excited couple on their wedding day as I did with Drew and Kristin and I am so happy to have been a part of their big day, congratulations to you both!!

Enjoy the pics from the last few weeks!!

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